Honeycreeper Shirt

Honeycreeper Shirt

As part of promoting awareness around the finches of Hawaii, the honeycreepers, FiRN recently posted this new shirt. We sent money to the Maui Recovery Team to help with finches of Hawaii. There are only 17 species left, and 4-5 of those could go extinct in the next few years. We continue to present on the honeycreepers for birding and ornithology clubs and organizations, so please reach out and book now at We hope to raise funds and awareness so that additional money can toward conservation efforts to save the remaining honeycreepers. See below for more on the evolving honeycreeper story. 

Here is a link to the shirts sold in the shop:

For more on honeycreepers read here:

FiRN is a nonprofit, and has been granted 501c3 status. FiRN is committed to researching and protecting these birds and other threatened finch species like the Evening Grosbeak, Rosy-finches, and Hawaii’s finches. and if you have been enjoying all the blogs and identifying of Evening Grosbeak and Red Crossbill call types (upwards of 15,000 recordings listened to), redpoll subspecies and green morph Pine Siskins FiRN has helped with over the years, please think about supporting our efforts and making a small donation at the donate link below.


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