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Purpose is to provide a stable, long-term home for Red Crossbill research over a broad front: field observations, recordings, assortative mating and call type delineation by sound and range. Provide information to the scientific community on the validity of call types and potential full-species separations for flight call types, geographically isolated populations (old world versus new world) etc. One purpose would be to serve as arbiters of flight call determination via audiospectrographic analysis and machine learning/AI for this worldwide complex.


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We want FiRN to be about you, and about the community and network of people that might want to be involved in a global research network interested in observing and studying finches. We hope to fund student projects in time. “The Crossbill Project” will be the flagship project of FiRN. We officially launched FiRN around Tyler Hoar’s Winter Finch Forecast September 20, 2020, and we hope to have as many of you, finch enthusiasts, hop on board and join in on the fun. It’s all about engaging with nature and the network!

ALL THE LATEST NEWS: Wildside Nature Tours and Finch Research Network (FiRN) Team Up

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  • Tyler Hoar and Ron Pittaway | Finch Forecast
  • Weston Barker |FiRN Art
  • Amur Bird Project
  • Lillian Stokes | Stokes Field Guides
  • Nathan Pieplow | Earbirding
  • Lance Benner | Pasadena Audubon
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology
  • Jeff Groth | American Museum of Natural History
  • Jamie Cornelius | Oregon State
  • Thomas P. Hahn | UC Davis
  • Mark Robbins | U. Kansas
  • David Lindo | The Urban Birder
  • David Hines, M.D.
  • Craig Benkman | University of Wyoming

Art Work by Weston Barker



23 hours ago
👀🦅 While eye color isn’t tied to one group of birds or another, there is a common pattern is a change in eye color as immature #birds grow to adulthood... want to know more? Listen to this @BirdNoteRadio
2 days ago
🆘 New study confirms that a Cinerous Vulture born in 2020 in the Boumort National Hunting Reserve has been the first victim of a #vulture species to die from poisoning by veterinary diclofenac in Europe! @BirdLifeEurope

Read the full story here ➡️
2 days ago
Now these are the kind of good weeds to get into; making sure #naturerestoration is real!
BirdLife_News photo
Stuart Butchart @stubutchart
How can companies, governments & others quantify their potential and actual contributions to a global goal of saving nature? Our new paper led by @MairLouise proposes a novel metric - STAR - to help with this. @IUCNscience @IUCNRedList #BirdLifeScience


1 day ago
Extinction-in-progress in Indonesia - a unique population on the island of Simeulue is already extinct in the wild

Based on this award-winning @IBIS_journal paper

#ornithology #theBOUblog
IBIS_journal photo
2 days ago
Looking for some interesting Eastern reading material? Here is a sneak peek of the April cover treating energetic trade-offs in a long distance migrant.
Gold Open Access paper: #migration #birds #ornithology
IBIS_journal photo
2 days ago
Changes in the Montagu’s Harrier Circus pygargus diet in Eastern Poland across decades promote insects and reptilians, but not birds and rodents Open Access Ecology and Evution #ornithology


5 hours ago
Lamkani has restored its grasslands through watershed management and traditional practices of ban on grazing and ban on felling trees, @MongabayIndia reports. mongabay photo
8 hours ago
Author @chelseawald exposes human sanitation's impacts on the climate, ecosystems & each other--from rural to urban--in her new book, “Pipe Dreams," here's her conversation with our @johnccannon ~ mongabay photo
11 hours ago
3D printing of beaks, legs, feet & tails holds promise for disabled wildlife ranging from toucans to elephants. It may even help rare species at risk of extinction, as @LaurelNeme reports: mongabay photo

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