Finch Research Network Feedercam 2024

Finch Research Network Feedercam 2024


With the sponsorship of Aspen Song Bird Seed a feedercam for finches is going up in Woodland Maine that will hopefully help educate about healthy bird feeding practices and also bring wellness for people through watching finches, which are perhaps most common cohort of birds at feeders across the world.

A feedercam camera went live again this past week. The camera was bought by Aspen Song Bird Food and sent to Bill Sheehan in Woodland, Maine. Aspen Song bought the camera and sent 1.5 tons of sunflower seed via liftgate to Bill in Maine. In kind donation was $800 camera, $1700 seed and $300 feeders. FiRN put in almost $1000 with $500 in apps, $300 tech help and $150 feeders.

The health benefits of watching nature and birds are endless, and more and more studies continue to be published about these benefits, and if there was one silver lining to COVID, it was how people found calm and peace while engaging with nature whether by getting outdoors, or even by watching birds at feeders or on feedercams.

Stay tuned for more Feedercams in the next year.

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