Finch Research Network x Bird Collective Apparel 2022

If people are looking for a nice holiday present now that the Holiday season is here, please check out this year’s awesome Finch Research Network x Bird Collective apparel series released a couple weeks ago.

There are also a few short sleeve Ts left of the Winter Finch Forecast and Evening Grosbeak Road to Recovery shirts as well.

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The Finch Research Network (FiRN) is a nonprofit 501c3. FiRN is committed to researching and protecting finch species like the Cassia Crossbill, Evening Grosbeak, Rosy-Finches, finches of Hawaii (aka the honeycreepers) and more. The Evening Grosbeak has declined 92% since 1970. We are fundraising around an Evening Grosbeak Road to Recovery project in addition to a student research project, so please think about supporting our efforts and making a small donation at the donate link below.


We can also be found on FB (and on Instagram and Twitter) at and also on FB at Finches, Irruptions and Mast Crops.

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