Badgerland Birding Interview

Talking Winter Finches with Matt Young:

In this video, Badgerland Birding interviews Matt Young, a winter finch expert and President of the Finch Research Network. We talked about the Finch Research Network, the winter finch forecast, and more!

Also check out the latest Winter Finch Forecast, now composed by Tyler Hoar…

More information on Ron Pittaway….

FiRN is a nonprofit, and has been granted 501c3 status. FiRN is committed to researching and protecting these birds and other threatened finch species like the Evening Grosbeak and Rosy-finches, and if you have been enjoying all the blogs and identifying of Red Crossbill call types, redpoll subspecies and green morph Pine Siskins FiRN has helped with, please think about supporting our efforts and making a small donation at the donate link below.

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