Brown-capped Rosy-Finch

Editor’s Note: This is a shell account and still needs to be completed, but is a species we plan to cover.

Brown-capped Rosy-Finch Leucosticte australis Ridgway (1874)


Natural History:


Object of study: all vocalisations

Known range: Is found from very southern Wyoming through Colorado to north-central New Mexico.

Flight call: Peent or chew flight call given when 1 or more individuals take flight or are about to do so. seeer or zzeer call as well. Also a Weu call. Rosy Finches can also give a complex call note comprised of 2 ascending bands of frequencies and a partially overlapping descending band toward the end, lasting 1.5–2 s. Occurs singly or in a series (1–2/s). Made when birds begin to congregate in flocks. There appears to be much overlap in the flight calls of the three Rosy-Finches. 

Preferred foods: Various seeds from weeds and shrubs, but also found at feeders in lowland valleys during the winter.

Irruptions: Is an altitudinal migrant like the other two Rosy-Finches. All three Rosy-Finch species can occasionally be seen in mixed flocks some winters, particularly in areas of Colorado and Utah where all three species overlap.

FiRN Needs: Recordings from the entire distribution area would be appreciated.

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