Asian Rosy-Finch

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Asian Rosy-Finch Leucosticte arctoa Pallas 1811

Medium-sized finch with a stout beak. Different subspecies strikingly different in plumage colours, adult males from dark-brown to pale grey but always with pinkish underparts. Adult females less contrasting, more uniform brownish or grey.

Natural History:
The Asian Rosy-Finch is a species of the eastern Palaearctic. It is a high mountain specialist. Large morphological differences between the different taxa suggest that an investigation of the taxonomic status of these subspecies is necessary.
During the non-breeding season the species may aggregate into larger flocks.

Leucosticte arctoa arctoa
-> SC Siberia, NE Kazakhstan and NW Mongolia
Leucosticte arctoa cognata
-> SC Siberia and N Mongolia
Leucosticte arctoa sushkini
-> WC Mongolia
Leucosticte arctoa gigliolii
-> SE Siberia
Leucosticte arctoa brunneonucha
-> E Siberia and NE China

Object of study: taxonomic status, all vocalisations


Asian Rosy-Finch Leucosticte arctoa sushkini, flight call
PFR09323, 03/06/2013, Bayankhongorijn Khukh Nuur, Mongolia, Patrick Franke

FiRN Needs: Sound recordings from the entire geographic range would be appreciated.

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