Lesser Redpoll

© Martin Grimm

Lesser Redpoll Acanthis cabaret (Müller 1776)

Appearance: Brown and white birds with heavily streaked sides.  Small red forehead patch, black feathering around a yellow bill, and two white wingbars. Males have a pale red vest on the chest and upper flanks.

Natural History: Lesser Redpolls are regularly found on the British
Islands, Southern Fenno Scandia, northern Central and Eastern Europe.

monotypic (species status controversial)
-> Britain to C Europe

Object of study: Vocalisations in relation to taxonomy

Flight call: A clipped and dry che or chit, given singly or more usually
as 2 or 3 calls, or even longer series of chee-chee-chee or chit-chit-chit.   Resembles Two-barred and Type D Red Crossbill flight calls, but usually smaller gaps between phrases.


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FiRN Needs: Sound recordings from the entire distribution area would be appreciated.

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