Red Crossbill (WP)

© Jens Halbauer

Red Crossbill Loxia curvirostra (Linnaeus 1758)

Appearance: Medium-sized finch red (adult males), yellowish-red (immature males) to greyish-green (females and juveniles) finch with distinctive mandibles curved and crossed at the tip.

Taxonomy and distribution:
Loxia c. curvirostra
-> S Great Britain and continental Europe and east to Siberia and Amurland
Loxia c. balearica
-> Balearic Islands
Corsican Crossbill Loxia c. corsicana
-> Corsica
Loxia c. poliogyna
-> Atlas Mountains (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco)
Loxia c. guillemardi
-> E Balkans, Turkey, Troödos Mountains (Cyprus), Crimea and the Caucasus
Loxia c. altaiensis
-> N NW Mongolia
Loxia c. tianschanica
-> Ala-Tau, Tien Shan Mountains
Loxia c. himalayensis
-> N India and Nepal east to SC China (N Yunnan)
Annam Crossbill Loxia c. meridionalis
-> SC Vietnam
Loxia c. japonica
-> E Russia, N and central Japan; winters south to S Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and E China
Loxia c. luzoniensis
-> Phillipines

Object of study: call types, dialects

Known call types (flight calls):

Type A – F, X (Robb 2000)

Type G – L (Förschler 2005)

Type N1 – N23, S1 – S21 (Martin et al. 2019)

Irruptions: Irregular irruptions south-westwards across Eurasia.

FiRN Needs: Sound recordings from the entire Eurasian geographic range would be appreciated.

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