Parrot Crossbill

© Jens Halbauer

Parrot Crossbill Loxia pytyopsittacus Borkhausen (1793)

Appearance: Medium-sized finch red (adult males), yellowish-red (immature males) to greyish-green (females and juveniles) finch with distinctive mandibles curved and crossed at the tip.

Distribution: Northeast Scotland, Fennoscandia, Estonia and Northern Latvia, south to Eastern Lithuania. Scarce breeding bird in extreme Eastern Poland, east to Southwestern Siberia.

Taxonomy: Monotypic, N Europe to EC Russia

Object of study: Call types, dialects

Known call types (flight calls):

Type 1

Type 2

Irruptions: irregular southwards into North Central Europe

FiRN Needs: Sound recordings from the entire Eurasian geographic range would be appreciated.

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