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The Finch Research Network (FiRN) is funding student projects that will have a focus on field work and getting people outdoors. We have already been collaborating with Western Pennsylvania Land Conservancy, Powdermill Avian Nature Reserve, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History on the wintering Evening Grosbeak Project. Since then, the Evening Grosbeak was designated a species on the brink of endangerment which led to it being recognized as one of only four “Road to Recovery” species.  As a result, we have started an International Evening Grosbeak Road to Recovery Working Group that is looking into why they have declined 92% over the last 50 years.

We also have a few other research/conservation projects we’re working on: 1) being a focus on the distribution of Red Crossbill call types across North America using ARU’s (autonomous recording units), 2) Rosy-Finch working group,  and this will be the third finch group (the Rosy-finch Project) that will be a focus in North America, and lastly, 3) the Hawaii Honeycreepers (aka Hawaii’s finches) are in great danger of going extinct, and stay tuned for more from this project in the spring newsletter.

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