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Whether it’s through sound recording finches, making a donation, adding scientific expertise via writing, research or support, or having gear you could loan, there are several ways you can contribute to building the Finch Research Network that Ian Newton and Ron Pittaway started for us all 50 years ago!

One of the best ways to be a part of this collaborative network is that whenever you’re in the field engaged with nature and you hear crossbills, especially if you’re in Canada or somewhere across the Western Palearctic where recordings are scarce, is please grab a recording, whether with professional gear or phone, and upload it to Xeno Canto, BirdNet or ideally Macaulay Library! Macaulay Library has over 8300 crossbill recordings making it the most common species in the collection by more than 30%, and that is thanks to all of you!

We are funding student research projects. And lastly, we implemented an ARU component of The Crossbill Project, and if you’re interested in helping in the future, please contact us as well.

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